Hi There! My name is


I'm building and managing IT projects and startups
Launched 7 startups
MedTech, TelCo, Travel, Real Estate, and Transport.
  • Expertise
    • Business strategy
    • P&L Management
    • Business operations
    • B2B sales
    • Fundraising
    • Project management
    • Product management
    • Customer service
  • Priorities
    • Human-centric approach
    • Result-oriented
    • Data-driven and rational thinking decision-making
    • Empowerment
    • Mentoring and coaching
  • Areas of interests
    I'm thrive by:
    • Startups atmosphere
    • New challenges
    • High social-impact projects
    • Opportunity to improve and create more efficient processes
  • Principles
    The most valuable merits of any collaboration or partnership are:
    • Mutual trust
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Equality, regardless of sex, age, nationality, religion, etc.
    • High ethical standards

  • Education
  • Personality
    My Top 5 of 34 themes by Clifton Strength test is: Achiever, Input, Arranger, Individualization, Activator

    My personality type by Myers-Briggs is Protagonist ENFJ-A
  • Location and nationality
    Alanya, Turkiye based.
    Russian, Moscow native.
  • Family
    happy husband, and father of two daughters.


Managing partner
Project director
Managing partner
VP of Business Development
My persona
I share my free time with family and hobbies - photography, traveling and self-education.
  • Photography
    Landscapes and nature are my primary shooting objects, sometimes I try other stages and angles, like ordinary objects in an unusual perspective, visit my Instagram or photosite.
  • NHL
    I like to watch NHL games, especially playoffs. I'm attracted by the passion and energy of the game itself, my favorite teams are the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.
  • Books
    Articles, books reading is my general way to learn and get information.There is a list of the business and personality development books I would recommend for reading.
  • Movies and music
    The movies I remembered and enjoyed watching, and the music I am listening to.
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