step-by-step real estate e-guide and services
The idea to write a guide with a step-by-step explanation of the property sales process emerged at the business community event in Alanya. I met Ekaterina Vlasova, an experienced owner of the real estate agency, we were talking about life-changing moments that happened at that time - relocation, education, business - property sales, and purchases, for sure. We realized, at some point in our conversation - we have a lot of useful information and tips that can be helpful to anybody who needs to sell their house, apartment, or any properties. This knowledge needs to be explained in simple terms, all the stages of the selling process, with cases from personal experience and professional practice.
It took us some time to discuss ideas, collect data, and design the guide. Moreover - we decided to try to use the guide as a hook for the upsell of real-estate services.
  1. Prepared and executed test advertising campaign, short and precise - Instagram and Alanya, RU speaking accounts only, we got 10 requests, spent 2000TL, - 1 week, decided to go further - invest time and create a guide
  2. Guide content - 50+ pages with photos and samples - 1 month
  3. Sites - 2 weeks
  4. E-guide delivery - connected 2 e-comm platforms 2 different platforms - WIX and ECWID
  5. Online payments - connected to payment providers in Russia and in Turkiye (the last one wasn't easy, most of the payment gateways just refused to work with us, regarding of Turkiye legal entity, but I've managed to convince one of them to connect us) full story here. - 1 day for connection - 3 weeks for communications.
  6. Telegram bot - created and configured logic with ManyChat
  7. Advertisement - run geo-targeted campaigns on Instagram, Google ADs, VK Ads, Facebook, Telegram (posts in several channels, re-location, etc), Yandex Direct
  8. Shoot a series of videos for IG and TikTok about the apartments sale process - prising common mistakes.
Results - 1 million impressions combined, 10k clicks (1%), no purchases or site requests.
Direct costs - 1.200 EUR.
Services used for the project
  1. ToDoist- project management
  2. Tilda - websites
  3. Wix, Ecwid - digital goods purchase and delivery
  4. Manychat - Telegram bot
  5. TypeForm - Quiz
  6. ModulBank - payment gateway in Russia
  7. Iyzico - payment gateway in Turkiye